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Oh hey there don’t mind me just popping my head in here to bore my prying eyes into everyone’s business.


My sorry butt hasn’t frequented this account for totally legitimate reasons. Like the fact that I’m starting college very soon and need to get my head in the game for serious adult things like getting a job. Then there are the far less legitimate reasons that shouldn’t be fretted over at all but somehow always get to me. I could list them all but then this post would be a lot longer than we’d all want it to be.

For the most part, role-playing has been a real blessing for me. I’ve gotten to talk and share and experience things with some of the most intelligent and lovely people. And though I haven’t interacted with all of you I feel grateful beyond reasonable comprehension just to have had the pleasure to read your posts and/or follow you. That being said, my interest in role-playing and the role-playing community hasn’t faltered, though lately I’ve noticed that writing has been more of a burden than a hobby to enjoy. I think this might be my own fault. I worry that my writing isn’t good enough, that I’m annoying people, that I’m not mature enough to understand the complexities that go into plotting and creating characters. I know there are things that I need to learn and that’s why I’ve decided to take a break from role-playing. Probably for a long while.

It makes me sad to do so because I would’ve liked to make stronger connections with everyone but I feel like it might be for the best. I do have an account that isn’t for role-playing and a skype, if any of you are interested. But it’s not something I expect.

I wish you all the best.





when i understand fandom jokes from a fandom i’m not even in


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